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Our Work

Collaboration is one of the values that we believe will help this digital ecosystem thrive. Our works involve collaborations between various stakeholders with the same vision to create a better digital ecosystem in Indonesia.

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Startup Studio Indonesia is a product-market-fit-focused program run by Impactto, supported by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to optimize the founder's ability to comprehensively accelerate their business. Over five batches, we have curated, organized, and coached the 80 best startups from 9900+ registrants.

HUB.ID Summit

HUB.ID Summit is the biggest matchmaking event between startups with venture capital partners in Indonesia. This event was held for two days, 5-6 September 2022 at Nusa Dua, Bali. HUB.ID Summit facilitates selected 80 startups that have been curated from more than 170 startups with selected 80 venture capitals from the local and global regions to connect and trigger potential investment or other collaborations that mutually benefit.

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Entrepreneur Financial Fiesta


Entrepreneur Financial Fiesta (EFF) is present to connect startups that focus to nurture SMEs as educators, enablers, or aggregators from 7 selected sectors with potential investors. For this first EFF event, we choose from more than 400 tech-focused startups that we divided into selected clusters and curated until we find ten selected startups that will get private and personalized training regarding presentation metrics & product storytelling from the professionals.


Joint Exhibition & Junction of Startup Landscape in Indonesia or JEJALA ID present to increase global investors' awareness of Indonesia's tech startup industry and investment opportunities in Indonesia. The event consists of virtual roadshows and media publications in Japan, Singapore, Europe, the Middle East, dan USA, followed by online matchmaking between 30 curated startups and 25 VCs.

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MRT Jakarta Incubator


MRT Jakarta Incubator is a program where we connect startups and MRT Jakarta to create solutions for their customers and open various possibilities in the MRTJ ecosystem. We curated from 35 startups that had been applied until we found six startups eligible to have coaching sessions and got the opportunity to advise on how MRT Jakarta could collaborate with the selected startups.

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