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Impact to Startups

Why do promising Indonesian startups fail? 

Indonesia, after all, is fertile ground for them to flourish. The answer is a lack of practical knowledge. This is and has been our pain point for many years. We decided to do something about it. We at Impactto want to ensure that our early-stage startups become more than just promises. We want to make them a reality.


ImpacttoCollective is built and powered by Impactto, where we conduct group coaching sessions for early-stage startups from the collective every two weeks. 


This is where things get real. Our coaches - just like us - are known for being blunt and concise, and they get to the heart of the matter. 


These coaching sessions are meant to shape early-stage startups and get them to a stage where they have enough knowledge to get to product-market fit. Explore more >>


As an intensive coaching program, ImpacttoBuild runs for 4-5 months and focuses on early-stage startups needing practical, customized, agile coaching in achieving product-market fit.


We will select 20 startups from ImpacttoCollective to participate in group coaching sessions before narrowing it down to 5 who will participate in 1-on-1 coaching.


Unlike others, we have no general curriculum. Instead, we focus on each individual pain point of each startup since we know that each startup will have its own pain point that needs to be diagnosed before coaching.